Vet. Products Sales

Marketing and Sales Department Of Veterinary Division

Worldwide and domestic livestock population growth and unpredictable changes in livestock industries due to disease outbreaks, feedstuff and raw material prices amplitudes, affect the premixes and pharmaceutical products prices and their market, therefore the Marketing and Sales Department role is extremely critical.
Flexibility in customer services combined with responsibility, coordinating of sales policy on market changes to maintain and expanding market share are some of most important responsibilities of this department. The marketing and sales team does the Market analyzing (customers, competitors and environment’s behavior), customers’ satisfaction rate monitoring (with holding routine polls) and holding seminars and participating in related exhibitions and fairs under direct supervision of its management.

Overall, this department acts as a coherent team to reach these objects :

  • Endeavor to promote the culture of customer orientation in whole organization
  • Concentrating on profitable production by innovation, recognition and introduction of unique and brand products
  • Maintain long-term cooperative relation with customers and appreciating their point of view and endeavor to applying it to improve productions’ quality.