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This is an example of a secured site section available only to registered users. You can configure the system so that it displays content based on visitor’s permissions. It means that different users or roles can see different (personalized) content.

How can I see it?

There are two default users created in this sample Corporate Site that you can use to see how personalization works:

– user name: silver, password: blank password
– user name: gold, password: blank password

When you sign in as user silver, you will see this page and the Silver Partners section. User gold will see this page and the Gold Partners section.

How does it work?

You need to configure the Read permission for the given site section in CMS Desk -> Content -> Properties -> Security dialog and turn on the Check permissions property of particular web parts. This property leads to a slower page processing, so it’s recommended that you use it only on appropriate pages.

How do I personalize also the main menu?

You may noticed that the main menu shows the Silver Partners and Gold Partners section event to public users. If you wish to hide them, you need to edit the root page (master page) in the design mode and set the Check permissions property of the main menu to true. Then, you need to go to the Properties -> Security dialog of the main menu and grant the user public with Read permission on the root document and deny the (inherited) Ready permission on the Silver Partners and Gold Patners documents.

You can learn more on personalization at

Please note: Content personalization and document permissions work only in the Professional and Enterprise edition.