Quality control laboratory of Razak CO.

Quality control department of Razak CO. is main center for quality control of all pharmaceutical raw materials for human drugs , veterinary drugs , therapeutic supplements and feed supplements . Furthermore all of pharmaceutical excipients which are used in products are controlled in this unit.
About 400 different raw materials (active ingredient and excipient) are checked in this laboratory and about 90 human drugs and supplements and 55 veterinary injection preparation and feed supplements are analyzed too.
Laboratory of Razak CO. has succeed to get refrence certificate alternatively since 2000 to 2010 and also it has succeed to be prolonged this in 2010.
This unit has been located in the 500 sq.meters plot and it has about 30 employees that they have a BA at least. There are modern equipments and analytical Instruments in this lab.
Quality control unit has four parts that each part is administered by chief that who has requirement education and they work under the care of manager of unit.

Quality control parts include :

  1. Quality control parts include
  2. Analytical instruments section
  3. In-Process Quality control section
  4. Microbiology section

All of raw materials and products are analyzed according to international pharmacopoeia for example USP، BP and EP.