About us


The company was founded in 1964 as a subsidiary of pfizer international and went into production in 1967. After the Islamic Revolution, it was nationalized and the name changed to Razak laboratories.

Why Razak is one of the best in Iran?

Razak wildly recognizable values are rooted in depending on its employees’ experience and good knowledge.
The company holds a good reputation for excellence in advanced continuous researches and its culture of quality with compliance to cGPM.
From our vision of GPM, Row materials are developed by Razak Reseach teams in R&D and Lab. departments, then analyzed and certified before utilization.
Razak also has the honor to get ISO9002 and ISO14001 and ISO18001 certifications.

Razak’s strategy

Razak’s strategy includes an exclusive developing medicines program to generate improved version of existing medicines and advance these therapeutics through formula optimization.

Razak’s Products

At the present, Razak produces over 70 different products under generic or brand names in various dosage forms and in a wide range of therapeutic classes for both human and animal health use.

Razak’s marketing plan

In addition to it’s attempt to fulfill and satisfy the domestic drug markets and developing activities, the mission of Razak is also to target other overseas markets such as Afghanistan, Republic of Turkmenistan, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan …
Following this strategy, Razak has established it’s first subsidiary in the Republic of Azerbaijan by the name of AZERPHARM.
Azerpharm produces various human pharmaceuticals, which have been presented to Azerbaijan and other C.I.S markets since 2000.

Razak and Damloran

Buying 93 percent of Damloran’s shares, a well_known corporation in manufacturing veterinary drugs in Boroujerd, in March 2004 has enabled us to be among top one veterinary drug manufacturers in Iran with over 100 products.