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Tarantula cubensis
Injectable solution

Category :

Antiphlogistic & Inflamed& necrotic tissues demarcator

Composition :

:(Active Ingredient)Each ml contains:1.0 mg alcoholic extract(1:100) from Tarantulacubensis in alcoholic solution

Indications :

Its effects are absorption and demarcation ofinflammatory tissue that lead to speedup healingprocess. Theranekron is indicated in treatmentof food rot, lesions of the birth canal, abscesses,ulcers, traumatic lesions, lesions caused byinfections like FMD, multiple mammary tumorsin dog and support of demarcation in necroticand phlogistic processes.

Administration and Dosage :

By subcutaneous injection route only.
  • Cattle and Horses: 5-10 ml
  • Sheeps and Goats: 3-6 ml
  • Dogs: 0.5-3 ml(treatment of mmt in: inject1-6 mlby SC route every 4-7 days three times; repeatevery 6 months to prevent tumor recidivation.

Warnings :

Apply separately from other injectable solutions. Do not use if the color changed.

Withdrawal Time :



Store below 15° C. Protect from light.

Presentation :

50 ml vials.Under license of “Richter Pharma” Austria
All rights reserved by Razak Laboratory Co.