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Dietary supplement (Martindale 2005)


Each caplet contain 500 or 1000mg of Glucosamine sulphate


Glucosamine is a natural substance found in chitin, mucoproteins and mucopolysaccharides. It is also known as 2-Amino- 2-deoxy-Beta-D-glucopyranose. C6H13NO5 Mw= 179.2 (Martindale 2005)

Mechanism of Action:

Glucosamine is involved in the manufacture of glycosaminoglycan which forms cartilage tissue in the body, glucosamine is also present in tendons and ligaments. (Martindale 2005) Glucosamine helps maintain lubricating fluid in joints, promotes joint flexibility and rang of motion, provides a natural building block of healthy cartilage and promotes comfortable joint function. (PDR 2002)

Indications :

Glucosamine has been advocated in the treatment of rheumatic disorders including osteoarthritis. (Martindale 2005) Glucosamine is intended to help maintain healthy cartilarge in people whose joints may be affected by the natural aging process. (PDR 2002)

Warning and precautions:

Don’t use if you are allergic to shellfish. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, ask your doctor before use. Use only as directed. (PDR 2002)

Pregnancy and nursing mothers:

Ask your doctor before use. (PDR 2002)

Dosage and Administration:

One tablet three times a day . Benefits may begin within 2-4 weeks of daily use. (PDR 2002)

Storage :

Store at room temperature. (PDR 2002)
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