Razak Labroratories held the GMP seminar as quality assurance a documentation approch with collavoration of iranian veterinary organization at olymic hotel tehran in june 9th 2011

Warn to athletes & consumers of hormones and steroids

estroeidThis is to inform you that, fake products presented under title(logo) and brand name of RAZAK Labs. Co. in the internet such as TESTOSTERONE,DROSTANOLONE ,NANDROLONE ,etc.…… (in Dosage form of injectable and tablet) as bodybuilding supplement. RAZAK Laboratories. Co. hereunder declare that these supplement medicine as a counterfeit products and this company does not have any product under “Hormones & Steroids” Category. Attention! Consumption of these medicines & supplements are extremely harmful.

Razak`s marketing strategy is based on customer satisfaction by recognizing the opportunities for increasing competition in the domestic market , growth in export market and opportunities to learn more about international marketing and markets to fulfill this goal we have focused on advanced products and innovative marketing approach… More